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Technical Resources

We Can Build Your Harness to Your Exact Specifications

Maxi-Seal ProductsWe would like the opportunity to assist you with your next Custom Harness program. Contact us today so that we may assist you from start to finish. The following questions will be helpful as we develop your program:

  1. What lamps are to be used; what is/are the functions?
  2. What plug is to be used or what termination is needed?
  3. How is the lamp to be mounted (flange, grommet, bracket, etc.)?
  4. What are the quantities needed?
  1. What is the function of the harness?
  2. How many wires are needed for the harness?
  3. How long is the harness?
  4. What molded features are needed on the end of the harness?
  5. What does it plug into?
  6. What are the locations of the breakouts, if any?
Additional Questions
  1. What hole restrictions do we need to be aware of?
  2. What is the annual quantity to be ordered?
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